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Jenny's Story

Jenny is a local mom who is passionate about finding the right educational fit. It started when her oldest was nearing Kindergarten, and she was wanting to learn the choices beyond her family's zoned public school. So began the search for the right school for her kids.

Enter Wilmington School Guide, an Instagram account that was first started as a way to document her school search journey. The information had to be stored some way, so why not store it in a way that other parents could use it as a jumping-off point? Since then, she has learned that while parents can do this on their own, many are seeking the advice of a local expert. Some of these families are new to Wilmington, some simply don't have the time, and some just need advice on how to get started.

Jenny has her undergraduate degree from LSU (geaux tigers!), and her Masters from the University of Louisville in Speech-Language Pathology. She has worked solely in pediatrics since beginning her career, and has worked in a variety of schools and preschools. Just like developing a plan in speech therapy, finding the right educational fit is highly individualized. Jenny will work with your family to identify schools that match your wants and needs, and simplify the school search process.